SASSA Careers Learnerships: Administration of Social Assistance

Some people consider bringing happiness to others is the ultimate goal of life. Thus, having a job that can help other people to achieve their dream or at least make them happier is an ideal condition for it. If you are one of these people who want to spread happiness while being paid for your own wellbeing, choosing SASSA career learnership can be the best solution. SASSA or The South African Social Security Agency is an organization in South Africa that handle payment and administration of social assistance. It was created to assist everyone who are not able to sustain their dependents and themselves because social security is one of the basic human rights. The vision of this organization is to be the leader in providing social security services. To achieve the vision, the organization has a mission to deliver the social security service based on customer-centric quality to potential and eligible beneficiaries. This organization, as a community entity, pledges to values that promote a culture for human rights’ appreciation and democracy in order to build social cohesion. Those values include client-centered approach, transparency, confidentiality, equity, and integrity. These values will continue to be refined to improve customers’ satisfaction and fulfill their expectations and needs. SASSA’s responsiveness to public expectations and needs my need continuous adjustments in line with the development of administrative processes, service delivery, and information technology.

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The objectives of the organization are to be the only agent that ensure the effective and efficient payment, management, and administration of social assistances, be the agent for prospective payment and administration of social security, and provide services related to the payments. The functions of the organization are listed below:

  • Providing all services in line with a provision or an agreement of any appropriate law.
  • Deliver social assistance according to Social Assistance Act 2004, chapter 3, and fulfill any function allotted to the agency under the same Act.
  • Accomplishing a fraud and compliance mechanism to make sure the integrity of system of social security is maintained
  • Deliver, maintain, collect, and collate information that is necessary for social security payment, and central management and reconciliation of payment in a data base of the country for all beneficiaries and applicants for social assistance.
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SASSA is currently in its twentieth years of steadfast service and existence to South African. On April 1st 2006, this organization opened service delivery to pay and administer social grants. This act became part of response from government to the trouble of people facing undue hardship and difficulties. Up till now, there are more than seventeen million beneficiaries who have receive social grants with twelve million of them are children. Despite the achievements, this agency also faces challenges regarding the contract for social grants payment. They are currently working to solve the challenges that may affect the progress of fighting against poverty in South Africa. The previous works of SASSA play a significant role in lowering inequality and poverty in the current setting described by excessive unemployment. This agency understand the condition and strive to reduce vulnerability and prevent anyone from worsen poverty.

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SASSA is an organization with dynamic nature that offers various type of fundamental services to variety of South Africans. With offices situated countrywide, the operational structures of the agency aim to embrace various fields of expertise, create modern offices and an atmosphere designed to enhance the employees to prosper, achieve, enjoy, and progress continuously.

Those are some of information regarding SASSA that may be important for those who are planning to work in this government agency and experience working in in community. For further information on SASSA career learnership according to your needs.