SENMIN Careers Learnerships 2018-2019

Do you think that job is something important in your life? Why do you think in this way? We know that everyone cannot live without money. Money is such an important thing that you need to really consider in your life. When you have money, your life will be better. You will have the better condition for your own living but if you do not have any money how can you manage your own life? It will be hard for you right? In order to have the better living, you need to find out the right job that will suit your need. One of the best choice that you can try to consider is Senmin career learnership. Have you ever heard about this program before? This is such a good program that you can really take. We know that Senmin is one of the biggest company that supply a big range of chemicals used in many mining industries in South Africa. Besides, Senmin also provides you with the customers with value adding expertise for handling the dosage of their own product. For you who are interested to work in this kind of field, this is such a good chance and option that you can take. If you can be successful in joining this program, then why do not you try?

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As we already know before that Senmin career learnership is one of the good choice that you can take in order to have the better condition for your own living. By joining in this program, you will learn about the chemicals substance deeper and how it will be used in the mining company. Of course you will get the offer for working in Senmin after you finish your own learnership. There is no worry that you should really consider when you take this program. Once you are successful taking this program, it means that you are successful enough to get the better position for your own career path. So, are you interested?

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Furthermore, if you are interested to join in Senmin career learnership, you need to know more about the duties and also for the responsibilities. Here are some of the Senmin career learnership that you need to know. At first, you are required to attend for the theoretical classes at the AECI Training center. It is located in Sasolburg for about 2 months. After that, you need to undertake for the training of plant operator experiental of course by using the chemical plant environment. The other important thing that you need to consider is that you need to be ready for undertaking all of the shift work and also the overtime duties as long as it is needed.

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Those are the general needs that you should do during your Senmin career learnership. We know that you will be ready to be in your job after you join the learnership. You will be prepared much to be ready in your next position if you really prepare it well. If you are interested, here are some of the requirements that you need to know in Senmin career learnership. First, of course you need to be in the Grade 12 with the qualification of physical science and mathematics. Your age should be in the range 18-25 and you should be ready to work within the chemical plant environment. Having the literacy skill in basic computer is required too. Then, you also need to have the competencies like time keeping, attention to detail, communication, team work, and follow up. So far, are you interested to join in this program?


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