SETA Bursary

These days, with the fast growth of industrialization and modernization, the life of human become more competitive compared to the previous era, especially when it comes to job seeking. To enhance the chance of getting accepted to certain job, education level become an essential qualification. Despite its importance, there are still many people who are not fortunate enough to pursue higher degree. Some organizations both non-government and government, and companies offer financial supports inform of fellowships, bursaries, and scholarships to solve this problem. If you love to be involve in the development of education in South Africa and currently seeking for financial support to pursue higher education, ETDP SETA bursaries can be the best solution for your problem.

Sector Education and Training Authority or SETA, is an organization that handles training for vocational skills within South Africa. Since March 2011, there are twenty one active SETAs. Every SETA has a responsibility to create and manage apprenticeships, unit-based skills programs, internships, and learnerships, in its jurisdiction. Each occupation and industry within South Africa is under one among these twenty one SETAs. This organization is assigned to facilitate and promote the delivery process of development, training, and education with the aim to increase the ETD (Education, Training, and Development)’s skills profile and have a contribution in the employment opportunities’ creation, particularly for those who were disadvantaged previously.

The vision of ETDP SETA is to facilitate and promote the improvement and development of the sector’s workforces’ skill profile with the aim to benefit the employees, workers, and employers within the sector. The mission of this organization is to support the organization’s vision by developing, facilitating, and promoting the training and development, and education in which:

  • Employees, workers, and employers within the sector gain from friendly mutual dependence, higher productivity, and quality training
  • There is standard relationship with providers, professional bodies, quality councils, South African Qualifications Authority, The National Skills Authority, Department of Higher Education and Training, Department of Basic Education, and Department of Labor.
  • Good delivery of service is encourage
  • Interaction and dialogue is encourage among private and public entities within the sector with respect to training and skills transfer
  • External and internal communication and interaction is effective with the aim to improve skills development and nationwide human resources
  • The tax grant plan is administered efficiently
  • The training and education quality provided by the organization is improved
  • A wide tang of careers is available
  • There are flexible and diverse paths for in-service and initial training and education
  • There is a well balance among demand and supply in the labor market
  • The level of skills of workers and employees are raised.

The bursary provided by ETDP SETA is available for several fields, including public finance, management of human resource, computer studies, ACE in management and leadership, masters in commerce, bachelor in applied mathematics, bachelor in computer, certificate in education, bachelor of education in foundation phase, bachelor of education in science and mathematics, and PGCE (teaching) and NPDE. South Africans that are unemployed, have disadvantaged backgrounds previously, and interested in pursuing study towards Education’s qualifications, particularly in critical and scarce skills areas, are encourage to apply the bursary. This bursary is renewable for one year and the amount of money accepted is varies among awardees. Those are brief explanation regarding the overview of ETDP SETA as an organization, and the bursary program, for everyone who want to apply. This bursary opens yearly and closed on December 30th each year. Make sure to prepare all required documents beforehand, and submit it before the deadline.