SKA SA Bursary Program

SKA SA or you may more familiar with The South African SKA Project invites students with potential to join their recently announced SKA SA bursary for undergraduate students of 2017 academic year, honours and also post graduate students. The requirements for the bursary depend upon which bursary that you apply. Honours and undergraduate students, the requirements for the bursary; (1) permanent resident of South Africa with South Africa citizenship, (2) students who already or will aim for bachelor of computer engineering, bachelor mechatronic engineering, bachelor of mechanical engineering, bachelor of electronic or electrical engineering, bachelor of electronic engineering, bachelor of science/honours/physics and electronic and more.

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ZA Bursary

SKA SA bursary requires also to; (3) have grade 12 qualification with minimum C symbol for physical science and maths, else, you should obtain at least average 60% for any undergraduate subjects level, (4) students who intend to aim post graduate that is in either radio astronomy or engineering that that is related to it. Especially for this bursary category, the bursary opportunity will be closed on August 19th 2016. The chance of bursary for post graduate applicants, you’ll find them below.

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Those who are post graduate students, you can apply for bursary with these follow requirements; (1) students with sound academic record that aim to apply for postgraduate level research in SKA  and also MeerKAT telescope, and (2) a permanent resident of SA or you are a citizen of Zambia, Namibia, Mozambique, Mauritius, Kenya, Ghana and Botswana. For this category of SKA SA bursary, the closing date is on July 29th 2016. To win the bursary opportunity ensure that you register and apply the bursary online. Else, if you have something on your mind related to the bursary, you can send your questions to, (Loyiso Gura) or you can also submit them to Annah Mashemola.

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