Social Work Bursaries in South Africa

Bursary opportunities, for you to know, comes in several forms depend only on what major you take, though, the essence remains the same, to finance your tertiary study. If you are a student of social work, under that circumstance, you can apply for social work bursaries which are designed only for you, social work students. Becoming a successful applicant for social work bursary opportunity, your benefit will be; tuition fee, stipend, books, and various others. The amount of the award that you get, it is relying upon the institutions where you apply. Apparently, it will be the National Department of Social Development, but it is possible that you can get it from another sources. Clearly, some requirements apply to win the bursary opportunity. Not to mention, but becoming a South Africa citizen is the first.

Then, you must be and still be a student of that certain university where you enrolled. To summarize, here are some procedures to conduct when applying for social work bursaries;

  1. It said you must be a citizen of South Africa.
  2. Follow your application by fulfilling entry requirements alongside with proof of admission of the university that you enter or proof of payment that you give for the admission.
  3. Properly complete bursary application form that you can get directly from your university. If you want to, you can also get that bursary application form from the nearest provincial office of Department of Social Development.
  4. Tag along any of necessary documents which are considered as part of requirement.
  5. Be ready for some agreements with Department of Social Development.
  6. Ensure you send your application by or before its closing date of social work bursary that you apply.
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Speaks for additional documents to attach for social work bursaries, then, it will be certified copy of your personal identity document, result of Grade 12, the proof of your patents/guardian income which states your inability to pay your study, and the last but not least is your academic record. However, the qualifications for work bursary it is not stopped on those previously mentioned. Some additions related to this bursary opportunity may exist. Check thoroughly the requirements, or else, if it is possible, you can ask directly to the official. Usually, there will be some numbers to contact.

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Particularly, you better remember, that this kind of bursary is only for those students who apply for Social Work. Therefore, if you aren’t, find another bursary which compatible with the field of study that you choose. Another thing to bear in mind, this bursary opportunity is only for students who in need of financial support for their study. In addition, the university that you attend should be the one with accreditation to apply for social work bursaries. Finally, the most important part to join to this bursary program is, you are a citizen of South Africa. Now, as you gather together anything that you need for the application, send them to certain address that they give to you. If it is said hand delivery, then do it. Otherwise, if it is said to post it, do so and etc.

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