South African Society Of Crop Production Bursary

In need for a bursary opportunity, South African society of crop production bursary or SASCP bursary, perhaps, is what you need. That said, this bursary opportunity is for students that aim crop science/agronomy (crop production) at South Africa University. In addition, the award for the bursary is about R10,000,00. What do you think? Download the application form for the bursary, and you need to fill all of the necessary information properly. Finish with it, send both the application form and the requested documents before the deadline of the bursary which is on March 15th 2016.

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Turn to this point, here are the requirements to follow if you yearn for the position for SA society of crop production bursary, first thing’s first you should have South Africa citizenship. You need as well need to be enrolled for post graduate (a four year experience), but not a diploma at particular university in the year you apply for the bursary opportunity. Next, you have to provide your recent academic record with average 60%, but it is way better if you can surpass it. Also, ensure that your are registered administratively to the requested major or relevant to it.

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The last, but not the least thing, you need to send the complete applications, or else your applications to win SA society crop production bursary will be slipped away. Other things to keep in mind as potential bursars for SASCP bursary, you are required to submit the proof of your university registration to SASCP secretariat, so then the payment can be made, or it will be the otherwise. Too, you need as well to send your official academic result (in the end of the year) to the official secretariat. And, the last thing you need to do to be awarded for the bursary at SASCP, you should have University student’s account, since the payment will be wired to that account.

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