South Deep Education Trust Bursary Programme

Academically talented students who reside in Westonaria have chance to obtain latest South Deep Education Trust bursary programme that is specially designed for talented youth of Westonaria who are in need of financial aid. The bursary programme itself is given by Gold Field Limited which has huge contribution in providing bursary and scholarship programme, training facilities, skill development, and more, in order to assist students with huge academic talent to have proper education without hassle. The bursary programme is given to students who are considered as first, second, and third year for 2017, 2018 & 2019 academic year.

South Deep Education Trust bursary programme will finance its successful bursars in per year basis. Bear in mind, even though potential bursars can obtain the bursary every year, they have to reapply for the bursary. Also, they are obliged to maintain excellent academic performance. In detail the requirements for the bursary programme are; (1) students from low-income families who reside in labour sending area or South Deep Mine surrounding communities, (2) aiming for qualification in mining sector either non technical or technical at TVETs or Universities, (3) potential bursars receive no fund from any other bursary sources, and(4) first-time applicants for the bursary programme should obtain minimum average 60% (except life orientation).

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Bursars who are reapplying South Deep Education Trust bursary programme, they have to meet average pass mark. In addition, if for some reason thy fail in certain subject, that is no the obligation of the bursary provider to pay at the time they repeat the subject. Bursars should pay themselves instead. Capable to conquer the above application, download the bursary application form before submitting your application. Ensure you read carefully the instructions available on there. If you are done with anything that is necessary, forward your application for the bursary programme from South Deep Education Trust before October 31st.Late application will lead to disqualification.

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