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Spoornet is commonly known as Transnet Freight Rail. It is a transport company in South Africa and it has been running in the business for many years. Its first establishment is in 1910 and it has headquarters in Johannesburg, South Africa. Employed approximately 25.000 people, Transnet Freight Rail is gradually developed into one of the leading companies in South Africa. The company is under South African Railways and Harbours Administration, which indicates the company as the part of state-controlled organization. Through its establishment, the company continues to give service to the society and is responsible for the transportation in South Africa. The chance in providing great service to the people in South Africa has been extended to the youngsters by joining Spoornet career learnership.

The learnership collaborates with Transnet Freight Rail to share the experience of being the transportation company in South Africa. The learnership has some perfect ideas, related with the job opportunites in South Africa. The learnership wants to expand the opportunites for the young people in South Africa to get jobs and provide them extensive knowledge and training that can be resourceful for the future of South Africa. As the partnership of Transnet Freight Rail, Spoornet career learnership has been supported by the experts who know much knowledge about railways and freight transportation in South Africa, including the ones which related with GFB Commercial, Coal Line, Ore Export Line, and Luxrail. Thus, it can be concluded that the learnership have wide understanding not only about the freight transportation, but also another business that has been related with the Transnet Freight Rail.

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Spoornet career learnership guarantees many good things during the learnership. The chance to learn more about yourself and how to enhance the potentials of yours are advantages that you can have during the learnership. The chance to learn how to collaborate with other businesses is also a good opportunity that has been preserved in the learnership. You can explore the industry and introduce to the growth of Transnet Freight Rail in South Africa and the neighboring countries. Spoornet career learnership encourages you to be a person with great vision and have an ability to look further in the future. You are not only given knowledge as a person who knows to give a good result for the company, but also to maintain great service for the customers, locally and internationally. The learnership informs you with the education and training that can lead you through the hardship in freight transportation industry. The dynamic vibe during learnership can assist you to adapt well into workplace environment.

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Make Spoornet career learnership as your partner in creating your future. The ideal future awaits you through the learnership. It also the best way to give back to the society and give great services for the people in South Africa. The learnership guides you to be the communicative person who can handle the matters regarding transportation business. The learnership will continue to support you to manage some problems during the program and the tutors are always available to assist you to be one of them, to hold another promising future in the industry. They have once been one of you and now, they are the living proof of how the learnership generates their future.

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Do not be afraid to be one of them. Grab the opportunity to be the selected candidate and prepare yourself the journey of experience that has been equipped by Spoornet career learnership. For those who want to apply the learnership, do not forget to pay attention to the available position in learnership. Choosing the right position is important thing to do because it can influence your possibilities in getting the learnership.


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