Stellenbosch University Bursaries Program

The Stellenbosch University Bursaries are the kinds of nice bursaries that Stellenbosch University in South Africa can offer to you. These bursaries will be the excellent option that you can take especially if you have problems with your finance condition. On the other words, it will be able to covers all of the expenses that you have to pay when you really want to continue your study to the university, which can be like the registration fees, tuition fees, costs for accommodation and meals, and so many more. Then, the best thing about these bursaries is that there are so many advantageous options of bursaries on various field of study.

Well, in case you are so curious about the various bursaries offered by the Stellenbosch University, it is so much recommended for you to figure them out below. So, let’s check them out!

  • The Sport Bursaries

The first of many bursaries that you can apply for at the Stellenbosch University is the Sport Bursaries. These grants, which are so vary, will be available for those who have the excellent achievements on sport. So then, you will always a good chance to get the bursaries no matter if you do athletics, soccer, basketball, or any other kinds of sport. You just need to make sure that you always get the best result of the sport activity that you do. Then, you can actually the further bursaries from the Maties Sport. In case you are so interested in applying for these bursaries, you can call 021 808 4642 or try to contact by sending email to [email protected]

  • The Maties Bursaries

Furthermore, the second bursaries that the university can offer to you are the Maties bursaries. These are such the general bursaries that are available for the students from any faculties or departments. It can definitely offer you the notable scholarship which is as great as the bursaries for the specific faculties. So then, it is actually no wonder if these grants have been one of the most favorite bursaries of many students at the campus. However, you have to remember that these grants are commonly given to the students who have the remarkable academic reports or who are from the financially needy family.

  • The Merit Bursaries

Moreover, the third bursaries that the Stellenbosch University can give to you are the Merit Bursaries. These particular grants are actually available for the first year students after they have fulfilled several conditions. Simply, it can be divided in to three different categories based on the pass rate that the students have reached on the final examination when they were 12 graders. Those who achieve pass average of 85% will get the smallest repayment while those who reach 86% to 90% will get at least about 40% repayment. Then, the students who get the pass average of 90% or higher will have the biggest repayment. The fact about these bursaries is that it will be given to the worthy students automatically once they have suited one of the categories.

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In addition, there are also the SU Bursary loans, which will be given to the needy students only, in case the Bursaries is not enough for you. These are actually similar to the common bursaries, but you have to repay it off as soon as you have finished your study at the university as much as you have borrowed. Nevertheless, the common bursary is much more recommended for everyone who needs the best financial assistance. Thus, you have to make sure that you choose one of them that fit your requirements by clicking the link below.