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You love people and helping others. You are passionate about empowering everyone around you and triggered to make everything better. If you are really that person, the career within the category of social work may best suit you. Through Social Work Bursary, The National Department of Social Development realized that you may have the greatest chance to succeed in such field, and thus they widely open the opportunity to study and become a worthy social practitioner by not taking financial crisis as the barrier. The department warmly invited the candidates currently studying the subject, as well as those who are interested in social work may apply for the bursary of a social work degree.

This Social Work Bursary brought to you by the department can be utilized very well by you to take a closer step to the field you’ve always been dreaming, that include the Demography, Medical and Public Health Care, Population Studies, Substance Abuse Care, Occupational Therapy, Mental Health, Clinical Psychology, Family and Child Social Care, and School Social Care. Through the bursary, you will be guaranteed with financial aid while mastering the basic education, skill development and advanced training related to social work. If you are indeed into socialness and humanity, apply for it because it will be just perfect for you.

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Just like other programs, Social Work Bursary also prepares some criteria for you to concern about. You, as the soon-to-be candidate should be a citizen of South African and have a valid ID files, meet the requirements based on the regulation of the university you apply for, provide parents’ or guardians’ income, have completed Grade 12 year or Matric, and be able to pass at least C symbol combined for Matric. Those criteria should be formed as docs and accompanied with a CV and acceptance letter at the university you’ve chosen. Since social work competence is still considered rare in the country, you will have promising career in the filed if you have good background; one of them is by qualified in studying through this bursary.

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For those of you who want to see bursary information, you can click on this website below :

Apply for Social Work Bursary

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Make sure that you, not only are excelled in the criteria we have mentioned, but also are committed to the study and later real work experience. The application form of the bursary hasn’t been available online, but it is available at the universities in whole South Africa. If you also need something to be discussed, you may contact Ms. Vuyelwa Mngadi at 012-312 7294 and on Finally, your complete forms should be sent to the local provincial offices of The Department of Social Development. Please note that the applications are held during May and June every year, so hopefully you can manage the time to prepare yourself. The bursary that will be awarded to you once you passed will be according to your own financial needs and academic performances. Be ready to receive the Social Work Bursary and to embrace the beneficial moments of studying about social work in order to realize change and give advantage to others.  Best luck!

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