Telkom Bursaries, in the World of Telecommunication

Telkom can be considered as one of big telecommunication company that you can find in South Africa. That is because this company was founded in 1998, though this company was registered in 2002. As one of the biggest telecommunication companies in South Africa, this company offers you the Telkom bursary that might attract a lot of attentions since the bursary programs from Telkom Company are totally attractive. One of the best benefits that you can get from the bursary program from this company is the number of budget that will be given to the candidates that is reaching 10,000 dollars for every candidate. In fact, that number can be more than that. With the chance to get the work from Telkom and the number of money that you can get, the bursary program from Telkom Company is something that many people aim.

If you are interested in joining the bursary program from this big telecommunication company in South Africa, there are some requirements that you need to fulfill. The first one is that you need to be the native South African. That is because the bursary program is meant to help all of the native South African to reach their dream. The second one is that the applicant should be on the 11 or 12 grade. If you are on the 12 grade, you will surely have the better chance to be accepted on the bursary program. For those who are on the 11 grade, you will not need to worry since you will get the pre-evaluation and if this company thinks that you are good enough, you will get the chance to join the bursary program from Telkom Company in South Africa. The third requirement that you need to fulfill is that you need to pass the English examination test. This kind of test is usually focusing on the English in communication so that you need to have the good English skill in communication. The last but not least, the applicant should also pass the average of science and mathematic of 60% or something around that number within many different scoring system. If you have better scoring, you can surely get the better chance to get accepted as one of the candidates on the Telkom.

If you think that you have all of the requirements to join the bursary program from Telkom Company, you just need to visit the nearest Telkom Centre to get the application forms that you need to fill before. That is because the application cannot be done through the online system so that you need to take the form on your own. As an addition to that, there are also some documents that you need to attach if you want to join the bursary program from Telkom. The first one is the proof of the income of the parents with the addition of the need of the financial aid. The second one is the valid copy of your ID. The third one is the full academic records that you have. The same thing is applied for those who are still on the 11 grade. Therefore, makes sure you have the academic records before you apply for the bursary program from Telkom.

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You need to know that the bursary program from Telkom Company is opened every single year starts from the first day of March until the last day of July. Therefore, if you are not able to apply for the current bursary program, you can try another year. As an addition to that, the result will be announced around September every year so that if you are not contacted, you can conclude that you have failed.