Thuthuka Bursary Fund Complete Coverage

Everyone has a need for education. Thuthuka bursary fund is a type of bursary that given to anyone that African or coloured. People that live in South Africa can have some of this bursary. There is a good value in good capability of mathematics. He or she has to provide 60% in mathematics. Good stnadars is necessary thus Thuthuka bursary should be obtained with the best capability in mathematic. For those who use NSC scale of achievement the student should get 5 points or higher. There are big difference between mathematical capability with mathematical literacy. This difference should be addressed properly and those who have the capability of math literacy isn’t eligible for this bursary. Thuthuka bursary would only work for people who currently in grade 12. The egree that can be funded is limited to two type of degrees. The selected degree is Bachelor of Commerce in Accounting. No one on other majors can access Thuthuka bursary thus if you have an intention to study different things you should take another way to find a bursary. This latest bursary fund are designated for people that doesn’t have the capability to produce enough money for education. This is a necessary thing since people that want to award the bursary doesn’t want to give Thuthuka bursary to wrong person. They want to strict on bursary thus people who apply would be tested by NSFAS means test. Assessment of your financial capability is an important test since you won’t be able to get the bursaries if you fail the test. You may worry that your family is too rich for this bursary thus people whose will to get this bursary would need lots of information about financial capability standard thus they wouldn’t waste their time to be qualified in Thuthuka bursary fund and find another which is suitable with their situation. People who want Thuthuka bursary should have enough poins to enter university. There is no point in applying for Thuthuka bursary if you don’t have the capability to enter one of these universities below. And achieve the right major for your bursary.
  • University of Johannesburg
  • University of Cape Town – students must enrol for the Bachelor of Commerce code CB011
  • Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University
  • Stellenbosch University
  • University of Pretoria
  • University of Free State
  • University of Witwatersrand
All information about this bursary you can visit: Apply Thuthuka Bursary Online
This bursary idea is quite risky since you should have constant math performance to be good on this major. Good grade should be maintained thus it is quite impossible for some people to find enough time for this. The bursary has the most complete coverage compared to other type of bursaries you can get money for your tuition and accommodation fees completely thus you won’t have to pay for anything once you arrived at your university. Thuthuka bursary fund for books is specialized and would e provide for any kind of books you would need based on university standard. Some books are works to make you feel better with what you know and make learning process easier.