TOYOTA Bursaries Program South Africa Motors 2022

Having a good life with a good career is a dream for many people. In order to achieve this dream, people need to possess many kinds of skills so that they can work and get a good career. However, in order to get many kinds of skills, people need to pursue education first. Why? Higher education can give a lot of knowledge and skill so that the people can use it in their work life. However, nowadays, the issue of having a higher education becomes one of the most important discussions. Why? The main problem is that not many people can afford higher education such as university due to financial problems. There are many potential and talented students that cannot go to university since they don’t have money to pay the tuition fee. As a result, they cannot get the knowledge, ability, and skill to achieve a good career. This is the most common problem in many developed countries. One of those countries is South Africa. In this country, undergraduate students need to pay about R64.200 for the very first year of the university. Then, the tuition fee will be increased in the next year. This condition makes some companies who have some operations in South Africa offers the Bursary for the potential applicants especially the high school students that want to continue their study in university.

Toyota South Africa Motors Bursary Fund. One of the most promising Bursaries for students in South Africa is the Toyota Bursaries that is provided by Toyota South Africa Motors. This company has dedicated the time and money to improve the education level of the students in South Africa. In addition, they also give the skill and ability to the students so that they can work or open their own company. Well, this Bursary can be applied by the students who want to continue their studies between three major fields. Those three fields are commerce, engineering, and science.


Each field has a different study program. For example, the Commerce fields offer some study programs such as Marketing, Accounting, Taxation, Auditing, and Management Accounting as well as Business Mathematics and Informatics. Meanwhile, the Engineering fields offer some study programs such as Mechanical Engineering, Industrial Engineering, and Mechatronics Engineering. The Science major fields offer some study programs such as computer science, information technology, and business science analytics.

The Condition and Required Documents for Applying for Bursary. Even though the Bursary is open freely, not all students can apply for the Bursary. Only the students who can submit and fulfill the requirement are eligible to be selected as the recipient of the Bursary. There are several types of the required documents for the students. The first one is the proof as to the South African Citizen. Why? This Bursary will be given only to the citizens of South Africa. Therefore, the license or the card residence as a citizen of South Africa should be provided by the applicants. Moreover, the applicants also need to show strong academic performance by having the minimum result of Mathematics and English in matric criteria about 75%.

The strong academic performance is also shown by having a minimum of 70% of the average study results at Tertiary. However, for the students who get more than 80% of the tertiary average study result, they will only need to get 65% of the minimum score in matric criteria. The applicants also need to show good leadership proven by the activity of the organization and selection process. Well, since Toyota Bursaries offers the Bursary for the excellent applicants of the poor family, the applicants should be able to show the receipt of the annual income, It should be less than R750.000

The Registration Process of the Bursary. In order to be candidates in the selection process of Bursary, the applicants must follow the registration process. The first thing to do is completing all of the required documents. Since the registration will be held through the online system, the applicants need to scan the documents. After that, the applicants can submit the documents in StudyTrust’s online Leaply platform. The applicants should make an account so that they can register and upload the required documents. The most important thing to be considered is the deadline of the application process. The applicants should register within the available time. If not, their applications will be canceled.

Then, after registering for the Bursary. the applicants need to follow some selection processes such as reviewing the application and documents, cognitive and knowledge test, interview, and others. The applicants should be successful in the following test. That’s why the applicants should prepare all the things before following the selection process.


The Facilitation of the Bursary. Toyota Bursaries offers some benefits and facilitation to the eligible applicants. They will give the financial support so that the students can study without worrying about their financial study. The first benefit is the free tuition fees. This Bursary will cover the full tuition fees of the students during their study in the university. This Bursary also covers the accommodation of the students so that the students can live in the dormitory freely. Moreover, the cost of meals for the students will be paid by the Bursary. The students also get the cost for traveling from their home to the university. In addition, the students who don’t have a personal computer can buy the new one by using the Bursary money. In addition, this Bursary also can be used in some universities. The students can select the university based on their preference. You can see information in here: BURSARY INFORMATION.

The students who want to continue their study in the public universities can choose three types of the university. The first one is the traditional university that focuses on improving the theoretical and knowledge of the students such as North-West University, Stellenbosch University, and others. The second one is the universities that focus on the development of skills in the technologies. Examples of this kind of university are the Tshwane University of Technology and the Cape Peninsula University of Technology. The third one is the comprehensive university that focuses on both theoretical and vocational skills. Examples of the comprehensive university are the University of Johannesburg, University of South Africa. and the University of Venda.