TUT Bursaries, Enhance Education Level in Technology

If you are currently living in South Africa and want to pursue higher education on technological fields, then Tshwane University of Technology or TUT can be a good option to pursue your degree. This university is the pride from the earlier democracy era in South Africa. TUT stands out and becomes more impressive thanks to its high quality community engagement, research, and teaching. It was first establish in 2004, on January 1st, to be exact by merging Technikon Pretoria, Technikon North-West, and Technikon Northern Gauteng. Every year, more than 56000 students enroll to this mega-institution. In term of gender and race, this institution is considered as one among the most representative in demographic. Its residences accommodates approximately 22 percent of total students, which make this university the biggest residential in South Africa for higher level of education institution.

TUT has the concern on the human resource development in South Africa, particularly in degree and diploma levels, to focus on the needs of labor market in the country.  The main focus of education is this institution is for career focused and professional education. The learning programs are developed by collaborating with professional bodies and industry. To improve the skill to practice on working environment immediately, a cooperative education system is applied on the university to allow students experiencing learning in labor market. The academic offerings intent to develop the student skills completely, and are designed to fit the recent technological advancement and student-centered learning. The vision of this institution is to become a university of technology driven with quality at the innovation’s cutting edge. The mission is to contribute to the development of socio-economic condition in South Africa innovatively by doing the following actions:

  • Being quality-driven and student centered in every aspect.
  • Partnering various communities for the sake of sustainable development
  • Applying, integrating, and generating knowledge to induce the development of socio-economy
  • Become the incubator of specialized postgraduate study
  • Conducting researches based on the current challenges
  • Producing all-rounded graduates that are accustomed to the economy’s needs
  • Providing portfolios of career-focused, recognized, and relevant programs.

To show the determination of this institution to empower people, TUT offered bursaries in partnership with SABC through a radio station for public service called Ikwekwezi FM. TUT bursaries will aim to uplift local communities and empower people. The criteria of the bursaries are listed below:

  • The bursaries are granted to full-time students on Faculty of Engineering and the Built Environment, ICT, and Science, on National Diploma level of 1 to 3.
  • The minimum requirement for granted bursaries in grade 12 learners.
  • The household income of family combined should not be over R100,000 per year
  • The age of the applicants should be around 16 to 35
  • The bursaries only cover book fees, registration, and class only.
  • The bursaries are only granted to applicants for faculties mentioned above and should have student number or reference.
  • Applicants with good academic performance will be preferred.
  • South African citizenship is a must.
  • Completing documents and applications form is a must. Documents needed for applications are:
    • Certified copies that show the identity of every dependent members in family
    • Certified copy that show the most recent academic performance (for grade 12 learners)
    • UIF slip or unemployed parents’ affidavit
    • Proof that show guardian or parents’ income
    • Your ID’s certified copy
    • Death certificate for deceased parent(s)

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Those are some information about TUT and its bursary scheme for future holders that can be useful for anyone who is willing to apply the bursary in the future. To get TUT bursaries based on you needs.