UCT Bursary Financial Assistance for South African

Pursuing higher education is everyone’s dream, especially in developing countries. However, not all of people are fortunate enough to get higher education due to lack of funding. These days, there are a lot of university that provide bursaries to help their prospective students achieving their dream. One of them is University of Cape Town or UCT bursary program in South Africa. This institution is the oldest university in South Africa and considered as one of the leading research and teaching institution in the country. It was established in 1829 as a high school specialized for boys called South African College.

After 1880, the college developed a minor facility for tertiary education that grew significantly after diamonds and gold were discovered at the north. Thus discovery demand for expertise in mining, leading to a financial boost and allowing the college to grow. From 1880 to early 1900, the college grew into a completely fledged university thanks to the elevating funding from the government and private sources. During this period, the institution construct its first focused science laboratories. It also began the establishment of geology and mineralogy departments to fulfill the demand for skilled workers in the emerging gold and diamond mining industries in the country.

UCT bursary opportunity are given in a form of merits awards for postgraduate students. The main and most significant form of support for Doctoral, Masters, and Honors students is awarded according to merit. This awards are supported by various sources, and the main awards available to Doctoral, Masters, and Honors students can be applied through MRC and NRF. For merit awards with university funding as its source, only students applied to NRF can apply to this type of merit awards. This type of merit awards is available for both South African, and international and refugee students.  Another type of bursary is merit awards from individual faculties. Every December, each faculties create merit awards for graduating students that have outstanding academic performance. The recipients will be identify by academic departments and there is no need for application for this award category.

This institution is an engaged and inclusive research-intensive university in Africa that encourage creativity through excellent achievements in citizenship, discovery, and learning. It also enhances the lives quality of its staffs and students, influencing the worldwide higher education view and evolving a more sustainable and equitable social order. UCT bursary commits to several values that become the guides of this institution development. Those values are institutional resources, safety and health, environment, institutional culture and academic values.

UCT Bursary Financial Assistance for South African

UCT allocates a variety of postgraduate funding awards for South Africans and permanent residents through Form 10A. These awards are allocated based on merit, financial need, or both. The majority of these awards can only be awarded to applicants who also apply for government funding through the National Research Foundation (NRF) and the Medical Research Council (MRC). Note that the NRF deadline for master’s and doctoral support is significantly earlier than the deadline for UCT merit and needs funding. You can apply in here: APPLY UCT BURSARY

CLOSING DATE: 31 October 2020

The university has a commitment to engage the main issues of the social and natural worlds through excellent scholarship, research, and teaching. The institution wish to improve the distinctiveness and status of scholarship through constructing strategic partnerships throughout the continent in Africa and the rest of the world. It also provides a supportive and vibrant intellectual surroundings that connects and attracts people around the world. The institution aims to create future leaders and graduates that are influential both globally and locally. The qualifications of its graduates are internationally acclaimed and locally applicable, supported by values of social justice and engaged citizenship.

The research and scholarship of this institution have a positive influence on the environment and society. UCT bursary university will advance the transformation actively within the institution and beyond, cultivating a comprehensive institutional culture that embrace diversity. Those are some information about the overview of UCT and its bursary scheme for prospective students that may be important for people who are willing to apply the bursary in the future.