UJ (University of Johannesburg) Bursaries South Africa

These days, there are a lot of high quality university where you can pursue your education based on the field you like. However, some people are less fortunate than others to enjoy higher education due to the lack of funding, particularly in developing countries. To solve this problem, a lot of organization, company, and institution offers bursaries for students who lack of funding. If you are living in South Africa and want to look for bursaries, you can try to apply for UJ (University of Johannesburg) bursaries. UJ, or also known as University of Johannesburg, is a dynamic, multicultural and vibrant university that shares the energy and pace of Johannesburg cosmopolitan atmosphere, living up to its name. This institution is living up its African roots. It is well-prepared to be the contributor in actualizing the possibility held by higher education for the development of the continent. UJ has changed itself into a collegial, transformational, inclusive, and diverse institution with more than 50,000 student population, in which over 3000 of them are international students from approximately 80 countries. This high population of students make UJ one among the South Africa’s biggest contact universities from the total twenty six public universities, which create the higher system of education.

The phenomenal story of success for this institution is considered surprising and even won over critics and skeptics. Established in 2005 under the visionary and bold leadership of Professor Ihron Rensburg, the principal and vice chancellor of the university, UJ has created a notable journey with main accomplishment in global excellence, Pan African, access, equity, and transformation. UJ has a vision to be the international choice of university located in Africa that creating the future dynamically. The mission of this institution is to inspire the communities around the university to serve and transform humanity through knowledge’s collaborative pursue and innovation. These are supported by 4 values, including ethical foundation, regeneration, conversation, and imagination. The 6 strategic objectives implemented by UJ give a concentrated means to achieve the values, mission, and vision of the institution. Those objectives are listed below:

  • Fitness for worldwide stature and excellence
  • Active global and national reputation management
  • Enhancing student-friendly living and learning experience
  • An international profile for worldwide stature and excellence
  • Excellence in learning and teaching
  • Excellence in innovation and research

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There are three types of bursaries offered by University of Johannesburg. Those bursaries are listed below:

  • Merits bursaries: this type of bursary is awarded according to the academic performance on grade 12 learners. All of the merit bursaries should be allocated to the student account automatically once the student is chosen to receive the merit bursaries.
  • External sponsorship: this type of bursaries need you to fill application form of UJ bursary to become a candidate for the awards. If you apply several bursaries that are awarded and administered by UJ, you can list all the bursaries you apply on separated pages in alphabetical order.
  • Honors bursary: this bursary is offered for candidates from particular departments to finish their Honors degree. Students can only apply if they conditionally or unconditionally accepted for Honors degree at their host department. The faculties that accept Honors bursaries are Science, Management, Humanities, Health Sciences, Economic and Financial Sciences, Education, and Art, Design and Architecture. Each faculty may have different rules, so it is better to contact each Faculty Representatives to get detailed information.

Those are some information about the overview of University of Johannesburg and its bursaries option for prospective students that may be significant for people who are planning to apply the bursary in the future and to get UJ (University of Johannesburg) bursaries based on you needs.