UKZN Bursaries, Financial Aids for Students

In this era of globalization, high education level becomes one of important parts in our life. Many companies and corporations are looking for employees with expertise on certain fields, which can only be earned through advanced education. Higher education level also much less guarantee the welfare of people as they are more likely to be employed. However, not everyone is as fortunate as others. A lot of people, especially in developing countries, have difficulties in pursuing higher education due to lack of budget. To solve this issue, a lot of parties have provided bursaries, including government, companies, and institution. In South Africa, one of the institution that provide bursaries for their students is University of KwaZulu-Natal or better known as UKZN. This university is located in KwaZulu-Natal province at South Africa. The institution was established in 2004, on January 1st to be exact, as the merger of University of Durban-Westville and University of Natal.

The vision of UKZN is to become the best university of African learning. The mission of this institution is to be the university in South Africa that is redressing the imbalance, inequities, and disadvantaged of the previous era, engaged with demographically representative and society critically, innovative in the research, and excellent academically. It aspires to become a positively changed institution according to a distinct understanding of the goals for comprehensive and broad change supported by these shared values.

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The values become the framework for every endeavors it has. The university pledge themselves to:

  1. Respect and encourage actively the rights of every students, staff, and scholars to involve in public debate, intellectual discourse, independent research, and critical inquiry, with a sense of accountability and responsibility, in line with the rule of institutional autonomy and academic freedom.
  2. Improve learning access that will broaden employment and educational opportunities for everyone.
  3. Embrace their responsibility to contribute and support regional and national growth and the upliftment and welfare of broader community, through the dissemination and generation of knowledge and the creation of graduates that are responsible socially.
  4. Conduct themselves based on the highest standards of ethics and give education that enhance awareness of ethical practice within diverse societies.
  5. Run and manage the institution in full environmental awareness and create a sustainable, ethical, and responsible culture to use natural resources.
  6. Guarantee effective governance via inclusive and broad participation, transparency, accountability, and democratic representation that become an example for contribution to build democratic ethos in South Africa.
  7. Acknowledge individual’s value by promoting personal, social, and intellectual well-being of students and staff through respect and tolerance of social and religious values, diverse culture, and multilingualism, and by adopting the realization of individual’s full potential.

There are two types of UKZN bursaries that you can apply. Those bursaries are explained below:

  • Contract bursary: this bursary is offered usually by certain organization or company as the part of the initiative of Human Resource department and involves working for the said donor at least a year per year sponsored.
  • Student funding: this bursary is usually granted after registration process of applicants with limited financial supports whom the gross family income is less than R150000 annually, and those who fulfill 100% of their taken courses in previous year, and those who achieve mark at least 64.5% in the same courses.

Those are several information regarding the overview of University of KwaZulu-Natal and its bursaries option that may be beneficial for students in needs for financial aids who are planning to apply the bursary in the future.