Umsobomvu Youth Fund Bursaries

The Umsobomvu Youth Fund Bursary are the particular bursaries, which were established since 2001, will be available for the young learners from South Africa. These very nice bursaries will give you the chance to foster yourself in the best way possible without any problems to worry about. That is the main reason why it offers you the notable programs that can help you to pursue your dream. So then, in case you really want to know what those programs are, you better continue reading below.

There are actually three notable programs that the bursaries from the Umsobomvu Youth Fund can offer to you. They are like:

  • Information and counseling program

The first program that you can join when you have successfully got the bursaries from the Umsobomvu Youth Fund is the Information and Counselling Program. This specific program, which its target is reaching over than 730.000 young people in three years, will be emphasized on providing all the information and advices about how to start your entrepreneurship and develop your career in the young age. On the other words, this program will be able to give you the best assistances you require to begin and foster your own business excellently.

  • The youth entrepreneurship program

Furthermore, the second program of the bursaries from the Umsobomvu Youth Fund is the Youth Entrepreneurship Program. This specific program has three main majors that will definitely help the young entrepreneurs to run their business quite nicely, which are Enterprise Funding, Micro Finance, and Business Development Service. Well, Enterprise Funding is actually things that you have to do to manage the partnership with the business partners such as franchise fund. So then, you will find out that it can make you able to handle stuff with your partners perfectly, so that all of you can really improve the business impressively together. Then, there is Micro Finance that will guide you to manage your entry level investments well. So, you will be able to fund the micro enterprises that you create using your investment for sure. By doing so, you can prevent any unexpected things that might happen to your business in the easier way. The next is the Business Development Service that will help you to get the best support for your business from the reliable sources. Simply, you will get the help through a voucher that is worth the different values which can be ranging from R1,500 to R23,000.

  • Skill development and transfer program

Last but not least, there is the Skill Development and Transfer Program that has two major programs. One of them is the School to Work Program that will allow you to learn the advanced technical skills and get work experiences before you get in to the industry for real. So then, they will have the chance to have the brighter career in the specific fields that they occupy. Afterwards, the other program you can get is the Youth Service which will help the unemployed young people to have skills and experiences even though they do not have high level education. Thus, they can be economically independent to make a better life.

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In conclusion, those are some of the notable programs of Umsobomvu Youth Fund Bursary. All of them will definitely lead you to be the very promising young entrepreneurs with the bright career in several years to come. However, in case you are so interested in joining those programs, you have to ensure that you choose one of them that can suit you the most.