University of Cape Town Bursaries

The University of Cape Town Bursary can be the perfect option that you can take when you want to continue your study at the university. These particular bursaries will definitely be the best solution that will allow you learn at the campus without worrying about the finance no more. Then, there are so many various bursaries that are provided by the university you better try to apply for. So, you will find that you will never run out of the opportunity that can really help you to make your dream come true.

Well, in case you really want to know the various bursaries offered by the University of Cape Town which can be so beneficial for you. They are like:

  • The Allan Gray Orbis Foundation Fellowship

The first of many that you can apply for is the Allan Gray Orbis Foundation Fellowship which will be emphasized on inspiring and developing the individual skill and competence as a professional entrepreneur. In the other words, you will have more chances to learn how to be a splendid businessman or business woman that the industry needs. Then, in case you are so willing to apply for this bursary, you have to make sure you do it when you are still a first year student of the university and a 12 grader. If you are lucky enough, you will get the grant that covers all of the fees that you have to pay during your learning process, which can be from the tuition fees to accommodation fees. Yet, you have to make sure that you renew this bursary every year, so that you will never lose it.

  • The Anglo American Thermal Coal Bursary

Moreover, there is the Anglo American Thermal Coal Bursary which is provided by Anglo Coal, a division of Anglo American Platinum Mine. This kind of bursary will be focused on training and preparing the young people to be a great staff of the company in the future. Then, that is the main reason why it is available for those who has the impressive academic achievements in the mining related subjects and are interested in having a bright career on the same fields. Aside of that, this bursary will definitely include all of your educational expenses such as tuition fees, research costs, examination fees, and many other administrative fees. Based on that fact, it is clear that this bursary can be a very nice thing for you mainly if you are from the unfortunate family.

  • The Eskom Bursary Program

The last but not least, the other bursary that you can get from the University of Cape Town is the Eskom Bursary Program. This is such a bursary is actually offered by the biggest company that manages up to 95% electricity in South Africa. This company has the very influential role in the country. So then, in order to keep its great contribution and quality, it offers the full bursary in order to prepare the potential young people to be its staffs in the future. So, in case you really want to get the bursary, you have to make sure that you have the notable learning results because this company will only accept those who are academically deserve.

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In conclusion, those are some of the various University of Cape Town Bursary that you better apply for. Nevertheless, it will be great for you to choose one of them that can suit your passion and goals in the most perfect way. In addition, if you have chosen a particular bursary and you still need more info about it, please read the website.