Water and Sanitation Affairs Bursaries

Both biology and science cannot be considered as one favorite subjects of many students all over the world. However, if you have the interest in both of those subjects, you might want to apply for the Water and Sanitation Affairs Bursary that can help you to shape the better future from this kind of field. That is because the Department of Water Affairs is one place where you can shape the better future, especially because you like the biology and science. Because of that reason too, many people are using the bursary program from Water Affairs as their stepping-stone to get their better future with this department. If you are also thinking about the same method, you need to know that to get the bursary program from Water Affairs you need to fulfill all of these basic requirements below.

The first one is that you need on the grade 12 of your education at the time. That is because you need to finish the 12 grade before you can finally get the bursary program as soon as you finish the 12 grade. The second one is that you need to have the good English ability. It is applied for all aspects starting from reading, speaking, and also writing because when you can finally join the Water Affairs, you might need to use your English skills to communicate with many people on this department. The third one is that you need to be the real South African citizen with the proof of the authentic ID of South African citizen. That is because this bursary program is meant for the locals who want to shape the better future ahead of them. If you have been accepted on an institute or some other higher learning educational school, you will need to also attach the letter of acceptance from that place. Or else, you might not be able to get the bursary program from the Water Affairs Department.

Besides all of those requirements, there are also some important documents that you need to prepare to be attached to your application form later on. The first document that you need is the certificate of the 12 grade if you have finished the 12 grade. The records of your study with the nice scoring in both science and biology is also one important thing that they will consider from your if you want to apply for the Water and Sanitation Affairs Bursary. The second one is copy of your personal ID as well as your parents. If you do not have parents, you need to have the guardians that will help you for the copy of their ID. The third one is that you need to also attach the income slip of your parents or your guardian. The slip will be used as a matter of consideration whether you are eligible enough or not to get the bursary from Water Affairs.

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Unfortunately, the online application is not available for this bursary. You have to download and fill in the application form for this bursary from the online system. After you do that, you need to attach all of the important documents that are needed. Once you have completed all of the necessary documents for applying for the bursary programs from Water Affairs, you just need to email all of those requirements to [email protected] If you think that you need more information related with the bursary programs that you want to apply, you can simply visit the official website of Water Affairs. From that website, you will be able to find all of the things that you need to apply for the bursary program from Water Affairs.