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Many people around the world realize that education can be considered as something fancy in some parts of South Africa. Because of that reason, the government is trying to give the equality to every parts of South Africa in term of education. As one part that has the responsibility of the education program in South Africa, the West Cape Education Department is giving the WCED Bursary to those who want to participate in succeeding the education equality in many parts of South Africa, especially Cape Town. The bursary can be considered as one nice thing that you can get from WCED since if you are qualified for the bursary program you will have two years of program, including teaching on many different levels of students, starting from the junior to the senior. Even better, you can get the best job as the future teacher if the program thinks that you have the qualifications to give the brighter future for all of the students that you teach during the bursary program from WCED.

If you are interested in joining the bursary program that WCED offers, you need to know that there are some requirements that you need to fulfill. Here are some of those requirements. The first one is that you need to be on grade 12 for the education level. That is because after you finish your education, you can start the program immediately. The second one is that you need to have a good English skills. The skills include oral and verbal English. This one is meant to give a good impression for your later work since there are a lot of chances where you might have to speak with the native who is English. The third one is that you need to be real South Africa citizens who already have the personal ID that proof that you are a South African citizen. This one is becoming one important thing because this program is meant to help all of the people in South Africa, especially those who want to study more with the proper qualifications but are lack of funding.

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The last but not least, you will need to have the passion in teaching. This one is becoming one of the most important requirements that you need to have. That is because not all of the people want to teach. Therefore, if you have passion for teaching and you want to create the better education of South Africa in the future, this bursary from WCED is something that you need to take. For your consideration, the WCED Bursary is something that is meant to help the people in South Africa to get better education. However, the bursary can be considered as something that is also helping all of the people who do not have the proper funding. Therefore, if you want to apply for the bursary program, you need to make sure that you have the proof of the financial aid from the local government. If you need more information about the bursary program from WCED, you can easily check on all of the information that you need from Funza Lushaka main website. From there you will be able to find all of the information that you need related with the bursary program that you want to take. All of the detailed requirements are also posted on that website. Good luck in getting the bursary that you want from WCED.