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Tuition fee is something that many people in many countries will be scared to check, including South Africa. That is because the tuition fee on the university level can be considered as something a little bit high so that not all of the people are able to go to the university in South Africa. If you are looking for the best options to join your favorite university in South Africa but you do not have the proper funding for your college, you might want to simply consider the WITS University Bursary as your options to go to the university. Witwatersrand can be considered as one of the best university in South Africa. As one university that has a good concern about the education of the people in South Africa, this university is giving you the chances to join the bursar program that this university has. The program can surely be something nice if you want to get the higher education level but are a little bit lack of the funding.

If you are interested in joining the bursary program from Witwatersrand University, you will need to know that there are some basic requirements that you need to fulfill before you can finally get the chance to join the bursary program from this university. The first one is that you need to be the native of South Africa. This one is because the university has the mission to help the South African citizens to get the better education in the future so that this program is meant for the native of South African only. The second one is that you need to be on your 12 grade because the program can be joined after you finished the 12 grade. As an addition to that, you need to also have the proof of your good academic records to make sure that you have the qualifications needed for joining the bursary program from Witwatersrand. The last but not least, you will also need to have the payment slip from your parents as a proof that you are worth to get the bursary program since this bursary program from Witwatersrand University is meant to help those who are lack of funding. Or else, you can also attach the proof of the financial aid from the local government of your family name.

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If you are one of those qualified applicants based on the requirements above, you can start looking for the detailed information about the bursary programs that you can get from this University. That is because most of the information that you can get are provided on the main website of this university. Therefore, you need to check on the bursary programs that you can take from the main website of Witwatersrand University. As an addition to that, there are also sometimes the bursary programs from some other institutions that you can get as the addition of the WITS University Bursary. This can also be something nice to try if you think that the bursary program matches your personal qualifications and willingness. That is because most of those bursaries have the specific field that you need to master before you can finally apply for the bursary program from the certain institutions. For your final consideration, you need to make sure that you apply for the bursary program before the closing date of the program. Most of the time, the bursary program from Witwatersrand University will be closed around the middle of the year, around the end of June or July. Therefore, make sure you apply for the bursary before the closing date or you will not be able to join the program.