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Woolworths is a South African retail chain that sells upmarket good whose branches span across countries such as Zimbabwe, Zambia, United Arab Emirates, Uganda, Tanzania, Swaziland, Qatar, Oman, Nigeria, Namibia, Mozambique, Mauritius, Lesotho, Kenya, Botswana, and Bahrain. The retail chain was initially modeled after the UK-based Marks & Spencer, with which Woolworths formed a relationship after WWII. The UK retail chain bought Woolworths’ unissued share capital in 1947. Close ties to Marks & Spencer remain close even after those shares were sold in later development. The Old Royal Hotel in Cape Town was the site of the first Woolworth store, which was open in October 1931, founded by Max Sonnenberg together with his two sons, Richard and Fred Kossuth. South African Woolworths has no affiliation with similarly named retail chains found in Australia, North America, or Europe. Woolworths’ business focuses on beauty and home stores as well as full-line fashion. A number of these stores are also offering premium food retail. Today, there are 217 full-line Woolworths’ stores and 421 food standalone stores in South Africa alone with 65 more scattered across Africa. In terms of fashion, Woolworths sells items produced by premium brands such as Trenery, Mimco, Witchery, RE: Country Road, and Studio W.

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With a history spanning almost a century, Woolworths definitely comes across as being a prominent industry player that devotes their attention to all about quality. The company’s main focus is primarily emphasized on how to care for their customers, products, people, communities, and earth. In order that they can accomplish their mission, Woolworths will require a lot of workforce, which basically means that there should be tons of job opportunities available for anyone who finds the company’s philosophy matches that of their own. Woolworths Career Learnership, simply put, are more than about putting bright career history on one’s resume. It is about catering to whatever customers want in various ways that deliver the company’s mission to life. It is more than a job. It is about grabbing opportunities that lead to expanded skills and growing together. Woolworth is committed to inclusion and diversity; it is a place of equal opportunity. Job opportunities such as Technical Specialist, Analyst Programmer, System Administrator, Fashion Marketing, Product Developers, Imports Merchandiser, Foods Technology System Administrator, Project Manager, and Store Planner are of course only to mention a few of clearly defined areas of opportunity that are available for you to grab.

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Woolworths Career Learnership require anywhere between 2 – 8 weeks to complete recruitment process. Those applying for Head Office and Management positions should apply through the company’s official career website. Those selected will then have to go through interviews, both by the telephone and face to face. Simulated risk and psychometric assessments will follow. Those applying for positions of Store and Supply Chain should apply directly to the stores/supply chain they wish to apply for. Those selected will be screened by telephone and interview that is panel-based as well as simulated risk, literacy, and numeracy assessments. Your CV must be in English and includes personal information (name, surname, contact number, email, and address). The Education section of the CV must include a description of qualification (Diploma, Degree, Honors, Masters, etc.) and a complete name of the institution as well as the time of qualification. You should also include at least two references. These references must be the people you reported directly to and you must include their office numbers. Once submitted CV is received, the company will process it and if you are qualified, you could receive a call from them asking things about you.