Zurich Insurance Group Careers Learnerships 2018-2019

What kind of field that you are interested to work? We do believe that everyone is interested in a certain kind of job position. Do you want to have the better condition for your living right? That’s why it will be very important for you to set your own passion. Passion is the better terminology that we can use to mention the job position that you really want to have. Of course there will be many kinds of job position that you can take. One of them is in the insurance. Do you want to start your own career path in insurance? Then, why do not you try to join in Zurich Insurance Group career learnership? Have you ever heard about this program before? In general, this is a learnership program offered for the people especially the young generation who are interested to work in insurance field. Zurich knows the need of the young generation who have the interests to work in insurance field. That’s why this program is offered for you.

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For your information, the Zurich Insurance Group career learnership  is conducted with the corporation with INSETA (Insurance Sector Education and Training Authority). This program has the purpose for helping the young generation especially in South Africa by designing the program to develop the work related experience in the program that hold in the short term period of insurance industry. This program will be conducted for about 12 months and during this time, the learners will be placed in the core of the business operations such as claims, underwriting and also sales. Next, they will practice to work in this field and they will obtain the FETC for the short term insurance qualification. Joining this program will sharpen your knowledge about insurance and also you will get many benefits of skills that you never get before. This is such a good time for you to sharpen your own potency.

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If you are interested to join the Zurich Insurance Group career learnership, you need to know some of your job desk or the responsibilities. Here are some of the responsibilities that you need to obtain in Zurich Insurance Group career learnership, such as:

  • Completing the learning modules in various type as the starting point for you to get the Short Term Insurance Qualification and the other learning program.
  • Engage with your mentor to get the comprehensive understanding about the structures, system in the Zurich Insurance and the Short Term Insurance Industry.
  • Completing the INSETA requirements for the sake of getting the Learnership certification.
  • Delivering against all of the objectives stated in the performance contract. In this case, you will be helped by the mentor to identify the activities that you need to complete with the certain kind of criteria for your performance.
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Next, you also need to meet the criteria to be a successful candidate of Zurich Insurance Group career learnership. First, of course the age should be under 24 and you are South African citizen. You have achieved Grade 12 qualification or equivalent. You are also required to be active both in spoken and written English. If you can master another foreign language, it will be such an added value. You also need to be successful in passing the English and also Math in Grade 12. Please also note that you has not obtained any further qualification since grade 12 or you are not currently in the process of studying toward a qualification. Those are the general qualifications that you need to complete if you are interested to join in Zurich Insurance Group career learnership. It is not hard to do but you need to prepare it well if you really interested to have to have the successful record in your selection process.

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